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Are you about ready to toss
your Wedding planning checklist to the birds?

Maybe you just got engaged and you don't get what's so bad about wedding planning?
It's supposed to be SO MUCH FUN, right?

Baltimore Wedding Planner - Marigold Rose Events

Well, here’s why you might be ready to bail on yourself as the wedding planner or why you might find yourself in that position very soon:

  • Every time you try to talk to your fiancé about your wedding budget and what you hafta have, his eyes get big and he starts asking questions like, “why do we need gold foil? What IS gold foil? That much…for pictures?”
  • Your mother-in-law sent a guest list and you don’t know how to tell her that there just isn’t room for her 4th cousin Eddy, boss’s brother-in-law, or best friend from 3rd grade that she hasn’t seen in 10 years.
  • That "super easy" DIY tutorial for the mason jar favors you found on Pinterest has you uttering a string of curse words that would make a sailor blush.
  • You’re zilla-ing (aka growling) at everyone within a 10 foot radius of you, because you’re up all night trying to find florists, DJs, and photographers that you can call on your lunch break and meet with on weekends.
  • You don’t remember the last time you cuddled up with your fiancé, stared at your ring, and just sat in sweet bliss, because planning the event of your life has TAKEN OVER YOUR LIFE.

If this is even remotely close to what you're going through, inhale deeply and count to five.
Now let it out slooooow.

You feel that?

That’s a tiny amount of the calm you should be experiencing right now.

Every day that goes by that you feel more and more overwhelmed is one more day that could be full of excitement, vibrancy, and enjoyment during your engagement.

I don’t want stressful days to be your norm, and I have a feeling—deep down—you don’t want to look back on your engagement and remember the stress, bickering, or sleepless nights either.

You’re meant to have planning help that gives you, your fiancé, and your family the space to celebrate and relax, because this is one VERY BIG moment on the timeline of your life that you should enjoy to the fullest.

Marigold Rose Events provides wedding planning services in Baltimore to help you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest! Click here to learn more about what I do

Baltimore Wedding Planner - Marigold Rose Events

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Looking for a wedding planner in Baltimore? Marigold Rose Events offers customized wedding planning services in Baltimore to meet your needs. 

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Hey there bride-to-be! I'm Tyese!
Baltimore Wedding Planner and Owner of Marigold Rose Events

After years of working in the hospitality industry churning out event after event like a factory, I decided to start providing wedding planning services in Baltimore focused on providing a friendly, personalized, client-focused experience. 

By leveraging over a decade of event planning and catering experience, my sparkling sense of style, and get-it-done approach, I help fun and friendly couples create a joyful celebration that tells your unique love story! 

When we work together, you can relax knowing that:

  • You can spend time with your fiancé doing all of the things you love during your engagement, because a professional wedding planner is piecing together the biggest day of your life exactly how you want it.
  • You’re kept up-to-speed on every step of the process through the use of online planning tools, so you never feel out of control or uninformed.
  • You can ask for advice any time you need to like how to incorporate your love for Game of Thrones into your wedding celebration.
  • You’ll step into your wedding ceremony and reception with your vision and dreams realized, because you hired a planner who listened intently and immersed herself in your unique style, story, and ideas.
  • You, your mama, your aunties, and your love get to enjoy your entire wedding night, savor your delicious meal choices while they’re hot, and spend the night shaking it on the dance floor.

If your gut is feeling like we’re going to connect well and your Baltimore wedding might be in good hands with Marigold Rose Events, then you’re probably a bride or groom who:

  • Is all about the details and gets stuff done, but likes to have free time to enjoy the finer things in life.
  • Isn’t looking for a know-it-all, take-over-everything wedding planner, but someone who works as a team to guide you, support you, and give you her all to help.
  • Is upbeat, full of life, funny, and genuinely fun to be around.

If you’ve been called rude more than once, have a tendency to demean others, or just want to plan a fab wedding to show off, you might not be a good fit with me.

Just in case you were wondering, I do believe in marriage equality and it would be my esteemed pleasure to provide wedding planning services for your marriage celebration.

Like What You Hear So Far? Great!
 Click the logo above to see a "Day in the Life" feature on the Planners Lounge!

Click the logo above to see a "Day in the Life" feature on the Planners Lounge!

Wedding Planning Services in Baltimore, MD
The Azalea
Comprehensive Wedding Planning

The Azalea is a flower that symbolizes abundance. You and your fiancee' are a busy couple who have abundant demands on their time and could use an abundance of support. You work full-time, have weeknight engagements, and like to spend weekends hitting up new restaurants or visiting unique shops or sites.

You’ll receive budget management that ensures you don’t overspend in areas and have to cut back in others and vendor research and scheduling, so all you have to do is show up to the meeting and make an easy, final decision.

You’ll receive RSVP management, wedding day management, hotel and transportation arrangement, and more, so that from the moment we bring you into our family until the moment you’re carried into your wedding night suite, you’re the best, calmest, most joyous version of you.

The Gardenia
Partial Wedding Planning

Gardenias symbolize purity, sweetness, and joy. If you have been ambitiously checking items off of their planning list, but want to intentionally maintain the sweetness and joy of their engagement, this package is for you. You also want to spend your wedding day wrapped up in each other not managing vendors and timelines.

You might have your venue booked or your photographer hired, but you still have quite a bit of details to sort through and decide upon. With this partial package, we meet you where you’re at and ensure that you get to say “I do!” with nothing but each other on your minds. You’ll have some weekends free to go hiking or to take a day trip to DC, so you can look back on your engagement knowing you didn’t completely miss it.

The Peony
Wedding Day Management


Peonies symbolize elegance, romance, and honor. As much as you’re a creative, well-organized, productive powerhouse who is going to get every single thing done, you’d like to be honored and made to feel elegant on your wedding day. You also want to get caught up in the romance of it all, not in telling people where to place the tables or the programs or the guest book.

Even if you have an entourage of family members or friends to help, you want them to enjoy your wedding day too! We check in with you along the way, get acquainted with and confirm your vendors in the weeks leading up to your wedding, and handle your wedding day from setup to tear down. You get to sip cocktails with your girls and snack on delish finger foods while we sweat the big and small stuff.

We also offer wedding officiant services in Baltimore! Download the Wedding Services Guide below for more details.

Signature Wedding Collections start at $1,800

For more details on each package and pricing for wedding planning services in Baltimore, click below to download our Wedding Services Guide.

Ready to schedule your initial consultation? It’s FREE! 

It has been great to work with so many brides and grooms over the years. Here is what a few of them have to say about me:
Tyese was extremely detailed oriented and came highly recommended. She was very professional and calm and in the midst of my chaos and stressing brought a sense of sanity and peace. She evoked a sense of trust that I needed. My husband and I were new to the DMV area and we had no family or friends to help us with all of the intricate details. After speaking with Tyese and telling her my vision and what had to be done, she never stopped until it was all done. And she never complained or panicked. And everything was perfect!! What I enjoyed the most about working with Tyese was her attitude, attention to detail, organization skills and the way she went above and beyond without being asked. Tyese takes pride in her work and she cares about her brides. That in itself speaks volumes.
— Frances & Matt
Tyese came recommended by someone who has a sophisticated taste, so I was confident that she would do a great job. I would say that she is very professional, easy to work with, and pays a great deal of attention to details. Excellent service at a very affordable price!
— Nana & Andrew

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to hire a wedding planner?

Pause for a moment and ask yourself: “How long do I want to stress over planning, checklists, and to-dos?” Did you want help like yesterday? When you should hire a planner depends on how urgently you want help.

I recommend you hire a planner as soon as you get engaged, so you have a strategy and plan from the get-go, however, I’ve worked with couples who have already done a substantial amount of planning before they hire me, so it’s never too late to get help.

Why are you more expensive than other wedding planners in Baltimore?

Much like other industries, in the wedding planning industry, you really do get what you pay for. I design my services for brides and grooms who understand that high-end service and quality does require an investment. I inject a tremendous amount of value into every package.

There are brides and grooms who opt for a cheaper planner and end up going over budget or getting a wedding that isn’t what they dreamed of, which breaks my heart. Your wedding happens once, and it’s my mission to make sure you get everything that you want.

How do you know you are the right planner for us?

Marigold Rose Events provides full service wedding planning services in Baltimore, and I devote my time and energy full time to running a professional business that goes above and beyond to serve you. I love what I do and I take it seriously.

In our initial consultation, I get to know you and you get to know me. I don’t charge for it in order to give you the space to explore my services and to see if we jive. If it turns out that we’re not a good fit, I’ll happily recommend you to some other fabulous wedding planners in Baltimore.

How do I know what package is right for me?

When we chat, we’ll talk about everything under the sun as it pertains to your wedding. Through our conversation, we’ll start to uncover which package will fit you best. We’ll look at every single item that’s covered in each and figure out what’s going to benefit you most. I would be happy to create a customized package for you so you get the services you need most.


Why should I hire a wedding planner when I can just plan my wedding myself?

You can plan your wedding by yourself, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you have one chance to get it right and leave a lasting impression. I know you want it to run smoothly and you don’t want to make the wrong impression or miss your shot at an awesome wedding.

When you hire me, you do still get to plan your wedding. You don’t lose control; I help you make easy, final decisions and take the pressure off of you, so you can enjoy your engagement and wedding day.

I have a small budget; can I still hire a wedding planner?

The investment for my services start at $1,800, and I offer planning services on an hourly basis, so depending on where you’re at in the planning process and your requirements I'm sure I can create something custom to fit your budget.  I also offer individual, one-on-one consultations or a setup/breakdown service that may be a great solution for you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, absolutely. Once you’ve paid your initial retainer, I can structure a payment plan for you. We’ll discuss your options when we chat.

My venue has a coordinator; is that the same as a wedding planner?

No. If my 15 years of working at venues has taught me anything, it’s that the venue coordinator gets very little time with you and is really only there to ensure that your venue is ready to go and you don’t trash it.

A wedding planner helps you plan all aspects of your wedding or manages the production of your wedding day, so you have more time to spend with your fiancé, friends, and family.

Want to know more?

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To learn more about my services, simply fill out the form and look for a response from me by email within the next 12 hours. Please allow additional time for requests submitted on the weekends as I am out making wedding magic happen! Have a few questions for me? You can reach me by email: tyese@marigoldroseevents.com .

For all other inquiries, please email tyese@marigoldroseevents.com
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