Hey there bride-to-be! I'm Tyese!
Baltimore Wedding Planner and Owner of Marigold Rose Events

After years of working in the hospitality industry churning out event after event like a factory, I decided to start providing wedding planning services in Baltimore focused on providing a friendly, personalized, client-focused experience. 

By leveraging over a decade of event planning and catering experience, my sparkling sense of style, and get-it-done approach, I help fun and friendly couples create a joyful celebration that tells your unique love story! 

When we work together, you can relax knowing that:

  • You can spend time with your fiancé doing all of the things you love during your engagement, because a professional wedding planner is piecing together the biggest day of your life exactly how you want it.
  • You’re kept up-to-speed on every step of the process through the use of online planning tools, so you never feel out of control or uninformed.
  • You can ask for advice any time you need to like how to incorporate your love for Game of Thrones into your wedding celebration.
  • You’ll step into your wedding ceremony and reception with your vision and dreams realized, because you hired a planner who listened intently and immersed herself in your unique style, story, and ideas.
  • You, your mama, your aunties, and your love get to enjoy your entire wedding night, savor your delicious meal choices while they’re hot, and spend the night shaking it on the dance floor.

If your gut is feeling like we’re going to connect well and your Baltimore wedding might be in good hands with Marigold Rose Events, then you’re probably a bride or groom who:

  • Is all about the details and gets stuff done, but likes to have free time to enjoy the finer things in life.
  • Isn’t looking for a know-it-all, take-over-everything wedding planner, but someone who works as a team to guide you, support you, and give you her all to help.
  • Is upbeat, full of life, funny, and genuinely fun to be around.

If you’ve been called rude more than once, have a tendency to demean others, or just want to plan a fab wedding to show off, you might not be a good fit with me.

Just in case you were wondering, I do believe in marriage equality and it would be my esteemed pleasure to provide wedding planning services for your marriage celebration.

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 Click the logo above to see a "Day in the Life" feature on the Planners Lounge!

Click the logo above to see a "Day in the Life" feature on the Planners Lounge!