"A Day in the Life" of a Baltimore Wedding Planner

My life as a Baltimore Wedding Planner is crazy and unpredictable but I wouldn't change it for the world! Check out this "Day in the Life" feature on the Planners Lounge website all about how I manage my daily duties as a business owner and a Mommy!

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 Check out my feature!

Check out my feature!

How to Get the Best from Your Wedding Vendors

I've been featured on the Bridechilla blog, y'all! On this featured blog post, I'm talking all about how to get the best work from your wedding vendors. Click the image below to check it out!

How to Make Your Wedding Unique and Unforgettable

unique wedding traditions

As you research ideas for your wedding day, you might start to feel like you are lost in a sea of the same. Same colors, same flowers, same cake, blah, blah, blah! So how can you make your wedding day unique, unforgettable and most importantly fun? In my latest YouTube video, I am discussing why you should ditch those boring wedding traditions and bust out the gate with something totally different for your wedding day!

Are you ready to create your ideal wedding day? Click the image below for a free copy of my Ideal Wedding Day Guide to help you create your unique love story!

Wedding Planning Tips for Grooms

Hey Grooms-to-Be! Are you wandering through this whole wedding planning thing completely clueless? Are you tip toeing around your bride-to-be because you are not sure what to say or do to make wedding planning easier for her? Well check out this super quick video with some tips just for you on how to rock your wedding planning and look like a super hero to your fiancee`!

Hey grooms-to-be! Take 3 minutes to get some help for your wedding planning!