Wedding Planning Services in Baltimore, MD
The Azalea
Comprehensive Wedding Planning

The Azalea is a flower that symbolizes abundance. You and your fiancee' are a busy couple who have abundant demands on their time and could use an abundance of support. You work full-time, have weeknight engagements, and like to spend weekends hitting up new restaurants or visiting unique shops or sites.

You’ll receive budget management that ensures you don’t overspend in areas and have to cut back in others and vendor research and scheduling, so all you have to do is show up to the meeting and make an easy, final decision.

You’ll receive RSVP management, wedding day management, hotel and transportation arrangement, and more, so that from the moment we bring you into our family until the moment you’re carried into your wedding night suite, you’re the best, calmest, most joyous version of you.

The Gardenia
Partial Wedding Planning

Gardenias symbolize purity, sweetness, and joy. If you have been ambitiously checking items off of their planning list, but want to intentionally maintain the sweetness and joy of their engagement, this package is for you. You also want to spend your wedding day wrapped up in each other not managing vendors and timelines.

You might have your venue booked or your photographer hired, but you still have quite a bit of details to sort through and decide upon. With this partial package, we meet you where you’re at and ensure that you get to say “I do!” with nothing but each other on your minds. You’ll have some weekends free to go hiking or to take a day trip to DC, so you can look back on your engagement knowing you didn’t completely miss it.

The Peony
Wedding Day Management


Peonies symbolize elegance, romance, and honor. As much as you’re a creative, well-organized, productive powerhouse who is going to get every single thing done, you’d like to be honored and made to feel elegant on your wedding day. You also want to get caught up in the romance of it all, not in telling people where to place the tables or the programs or the guest book.

Even if you have an entourage of family members or friends to help, you want them to enjoy your wedding day too! We check in with you along the way, get acquainted with and confirm your vendors in the weeks leading up to your wedding, and handle your wedding day from setup to tear down. You get to sip cocktails with your girls and snack on delish finger foods while we sweat the big and small stuff.

We also offer wedding officiant services in Baltimore! Download the Wedding Services Guide below for more details.

Signature Wedding Collections start at $1,800

For more details on each package and pricing for wedding planning services in Baltimore, click below to download our Wedding Services Guide.

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